Public Policy for Women’s Financial Inclusion

Patricia López Rodríguez
(Report Author)

Enrique Díaz-Infante y Gustavo A. Del Ángel
(Project Coordinators)

Women’s income tends to be volatile and generally low, and their financial situation is precarious. For this reason, not only the nature of banking products, but also the requirements for obtaining them, such as those regarding collateral, must change. In particular, banking products must be adapted to the needs of women in the informal sector. Both banking institutions and FinTech must offer them quality innovative products.

This report describes the importance of financial inclusion to the social mobility of women themselves, and thus for their families. It recommends financial education for women and the construction of channels to gradually transition from financing informal activities to financing formal activities. This report proposes the exploration of alternatives to correct the information asymmetry and concludes with an agenda for women’s increased financial inclusion.

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