Report on Social Mobility in Mexico: Imagine Your Future

Roberto Vélez Grajales
Raymundo Campos Vázquez
Juan Enrique Huerta Wong

The Report on Social Mobility in Mexico: Imagine your Future analyzes this important dimension of social development. The central message of this document is that it is indeed possible to imagine a future in which people, no matter their personal characteristics (parents’ socioeconomic position, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) and physical characteristics (height, weight, skin color, etc.) are endowed with the same opportunities and can compete under equal conditions for work. Thus, effort and talent should be the source of reward, rather than the aforementioned characteristics. To conduct the mobility analysis, data from 2011 ESRU Survey on Social Mobility in Mexico (EMOVI-2011) is used. The survey is designed to measure intergenerational social mobility in Mexico. The survey is nationally representative for men and women between the ages of 25 and 64 years. Likewise, in order to complement the quantitative analysis of the report, testimonies from life experience, obtained from the qualitative study on Life Histories in Social Mobility (HIMOVI), were used.