The Living Wage in the Municipalities of Ensenada and San Quintín, Baja California, México

Marcelo Delajara

Rocío Espinosa

Claudia Fonseca

Martha Anker

Richard Anker

Documento de trabajo CEEY no. 7 / 2021

We present estimates of the living wage in the municipalities of Ensenada and San Quintín, Baja California, México. Economic activity in these municipalities is concentrated in agriculture and fishing, and to a much lesser extent in industry. In the calculation, we used the Anker and Anker (2017) methodology and data from both primary and secondary sources. We show that the living wage in the municipality of Ensenada is MXN 15,929 (US$ 800) per month, which consists of take-home pay of MNX 13,539 (US$ 680) and MNX 2,389 (US$ 120) in income tax and social security. For San Quintín, the living wage is MXN 15,009 (US$ 754) per month consisting of take-home pay of MXN 12,835 (US$ 645) with MXN 2,174 (US$ 109) in social security contribution and income tax. These results highlight the need to continue promoting dialogue between companies, workers and the government to improve wage conditions in Baja California.

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